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Significant Drop In 'Animal' Box Office?

Significant Drop In 'Animal' Box Office?

'Animal', the movie that opened with huge initial success followed by extensive hype, has continued its run on Sunday as well.

Though it is expected that the impact of the Telangana election results may contribute to its downfall in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the film didn't lose much.

On the other hand, experts suggest that a heavy downfall seems to be on the way as the film has kept family audiences and children away due to excessive violence, vulgarity, and nudity. 

It's worth noting that the film's collections typically rely on family audiences, and lacking this advantage, its fate hinges solely on repeat male audiences who appreciate the crude aspects of the film.

Some theater owners anticipate a substantial decline starting from Monday, posing a crucial test for the film to sustain its successful dream run. It remains to be seen whether the film can defy conventional predictions about its future.

A distributor remarked that had the film been trimmed of explicit content, it might have avoided this peril. So far the film collected Rs 200 Cr in the first weekend. But based on the hype, it is expected that it would touch Rs 600 Cr mark. Will that happen is the question!

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