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Sharwanand's Bad Choices Put Him in a Mess

Sharwanand's Bad Choices Put Him in a Mess

Sharwanand has an image of a boy next door. He has that ‘middle-class’ appeal. That brought him successes as well as earned a good name.

But after a series of hits, he started believing that he needs to do action dramas or stylish movies.

It was this reason that he agreed to do “Padi Padi Leche Manasu” and “Ranarangam” both lacked proper scripts.

Insiders say he encouraged the directors of those movies for lavish expenditure for stylish visuals. Directors of both movies are known for giving importance to visuals than the script.

He had already witnessed the worst flop with “Padi Padi Leche Manasu” and now “Ranarangam” is also heading towards a huge flop.

The film has crashed at the box-office on Tuesday. It will close its business in the range of Rs 10 Cr theatrical revenue.

With two consecutive flops, he should realize that the script is important. He put his career in trouble.

Sharwanand is now acting in an action film called “Sreekaram” and the remake of Tamil hit “96”. Will he go for a course correction after these movies?



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