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Senior Citizen Heroes With Unnecessary Talk

Senior Citizen Heroes With Unnecessary Talk

Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth are senior citizens who in the age group between 68 and 72. 

Renowned for their humble personas, the world anticipates that they will continue to be remembered in the same light. 

Interestingly, despite commanding substantial fan followings, both actors have not left a positive impact on the political arena.

Chiranjeevi briefly ventured into politics and later exited, while Rajinikanth struggled with prolonged indecision before finally declaring that politics is not suitable for him at this stage of life.

However, despite their stance on politics, they continue to offer opinions and satirical remarks on politicians, often triggering memes and trolls. 

Chiranjeevi, who appreciated his fans' response when they stood up for him against Garikipati Narasimha Rao, seemed unable to tolerate similar responses from YCP fans towards Pawan Kalyan. 

Does Chiranjeevi believe that there would be fans only for him and his brother on this planet?

Rajinikanth's situation is similar. He faced criticism from YCP supporters after praising Chandrababu Naidu in a recent event. 

Instead of remaining silent, he stirred the pot at the "Jailer" pre-release event by stating, "There is no dog that doesn't bark, no mouth that doesn't criticize. And there is no place without these two. Concentrate on your work and move on...". 

While these words would have been well-received had he concluded there, he added the phrase "Ardhamayyinda Raaja!" which hints at targeting the YCP group.

Do these senior citizens, who desire tranquility in their later careers, truly need to engage in unnecessary dialogue of this sort? When they know they are unfit for politics, they should move on silently. Only then they get sympathy and respect.

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