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Senior Actress's Affair with an Upcoming Actor?

Senior Actress's Affair with an Upcoming Actor?

This sounds a bit salacious and unbelievable. A senior Telugu actress who is in her late 40’s reportedly had a romping affair with a young boy.

The young boy is an upcoming actor. He is just 25-year-old. This scandalous information has become a hot topic.

However, the affair didn’t last long. The young boy severed ties with her after his mother gave him an earful.

The actress is known for her movies in Telugu, Tamil and Bollywood has remained single.

We have heard several juicy bits of senior male stars having affairs with 20-year-old heroines but 40-plus actress’s fling with a young star comes as a shock.

In the movie industry, both male and female stars lead completely bold lives and maintain unconventional love relationships.


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