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Secret Behind Bunny's New BuzzWord 'Bigger and Global'

Secret Behind Bunny's New BuzzWord 'Bigger and Global'

As reported by GreatAndhra, Allu Arjun has not only demanded a pay raise for the sequel to "Pushpa," but has also instructed Sukumar and the film's producers to increase the film's budget massively. The latest comments from Allu Arjun corroborate our news story.

Allu Arjun told his fans at a "18 Pages" event that "Pushpa 2" is going to be bigger. He also stated that he would not pressure director Sukumar into finishing the film any quicker. For the simple reason that he wants the film to have a global audience and to be produced on a grand scale.

As both Ram Charan and NTR began to receive attention from the American media, Allu Arjun started to consider expanding his career beyond the boundaries of the Indian subcontinent. So, he is relentlessly encouraging the "Pushpa 2" team to think global.

The sequel to "Pushpa" will not be released next year. Due to Sukumar's desire to film in a grand fashion, the release date is not likely to be before 2024. Sukumar revealed that there have only been five days of shooting so far.


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