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SDT Talks about Virupaksha Part 2

SDT Talks about Virupaksha Part 2

"Virupaksha," which is performing well at the box office, has given Sai Dharam Tej's career a significant boost, and he's back with a bang. Therefore, the actor intends to make a sequel.

During his Twitter Q&A, a fan asked if the team had any plans to make a sequel after the film ended with a hint. "Undhi Ane Kada Hint Ichamu," he responded.

Thus, he confirmed that there would be a sequel. However, Sai Dharam Tej will not begin shooting the film anytime soon.

He will next be seen in a multi-starrer with Pawan Kalyan, which will hit theaters in July.

On the other hand, "Virupaksha" is well on its way to becoming a clean hit..

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