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Salaar: Prashanth Neel Changes His Mind!

Salaar: Prashanth Neel Changes His Mind!

Numerous rumors have been circulating about Prabhas, and his fans are always eager for news. However, the constant spinning of new tales by the media is reportedly frustrating the 'Baahubali' actor.

Prabhas's top priority is currently the completion of two of his most ambitious projects, "Salaar" and "Project K." However, there is still a question that the makers of "Salaar" need to address.

According to the producers, the release date of September 28, 2023, for "Salaar" will be maintained. But is this the only installment?

Initially, "Salaar" was only supposed to be one film for director Prashanth Neel. After several months of filming, however, he considered dividing the story into two parts. The information was leaked to the media, but to date, there has been no official statement.

The latest rumor suggests that Neel has changed his mind and will release the film as a single installment.

Prashanth Neel has many obligations, and Prabhas is working on multiple projects simultaneously.


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