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Salaar is About Two Friends: Neel

Salaar is About Two Friends: Neel

"Salaar" director Prashanth Neel has confirmed that the film revolves around two friends who eventually become enemies.

In a recent interview, he described the movie as "an emotional story about friendship."

"Salaar" stars Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran as friends turned foes.

The first part will explore how and why they turned into enemies, while the second installment will showcase a showdown between them. However, Neel confirms that the first part has a proper beginning and end.

Prashanth Neel stated that he decided to split the film into two parts before commencing filming due to the extensive length of the story he had written. He emphasized that the story is robust.

Furthermore, Neel expressed confidence that the film will live up to expectations.


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