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Saindhav Teaser: Venkatesh 2.0 Loaded

Saindhav Teaser: Venkatesh 2.0 Loaded

Venkatesh’s milestone 75th film Saindhav in Sailesh Kolanu’s direction is in the post-production phase. The makers began the real promotions by unleashing the film’s teaser today.

The teaser gives the viewers insight into the brutish premise of Saindhav. While he shares an emotional bond with his family, he takes a violent path to tackle his enemies.

Seems like the story revolves around a huge container containing drugs, weapons, currency, and more. While Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s task is to get the container delivered to a terrorist group, Venkatesh is there to stop him.

But seems like director Sailesh Kolanu hid a core element of the movie, yet the teaser creates a great impact. From designing each character to presenting the story in a riveting manner, Sailesh Kolanu wins brownie points.

Venkatesh 2.0 loaded as he appeared in a never-before complete intense avatar. He showed the brutish nature of the character with his splendid performance, whereas there is an emotion to the character as well, as shown in the starting portions. Nawazuddin Siddiqui frightens with his wild acts.

The blocks captured by S Manikandan are majestic, whereas Santosh Narayanan complemented the visuals with his intense score. The production design of Venkat Boyanapalli’s Niharika Entertainment is affluent.

The teaser augments excitement around this Pan-Indian film set for Sankranti release on January 13th.


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