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Sai Dharam Should Be Extra Careful

Sai Dharam Should Be Extra Careful

The issue with some of the mega heroes lies in their bulky physique, primarily due to their genetics.

Even if they neglect their appearance, they tend to gain weight, particularly in the lower waist and buttocks area. Therefore, it is essential for them to strive for physical fitness.

However, Pawan seems to have been fortunate enough to avoid this problem, as his body doesn't exhibit significant fluctuations.

On the other hand, Varun and Sai Dharam Tej haven't been as fortunate. While Varun's tall stature is somewhat covering the issue, Sai Dharam Tej tends to appear overweight. 

Recently, a song from the movie "Bro" was released, featuring Sai Dharam Tej alongside Pawan. Surprisingly, Pawan seemed to be in better shape than Tej.

It appears that Tej's physical fitness regimen has been hindered by the aftermath of an accident, preventing him from engaging in rigorous exercises.

Consequently, his weight issue has become more prominent. In comparison to Virupaksha, he appears slightly heavier in the "Bro" song.

Due to these concerns, suggestions have been made within the industry that Sai Dharam Tej should explore alternative methods such as Yoga and Kerala Nature Cure.

While regular acting is important, songs and dances hold significant value for mega heroes, and it is crucial for Sai Dharam to take better care of his physical well-being.

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