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Saaho Producers Were Unaware Of Unoriginal Script

Saaho Producers Were Unaware Of Unoriginal Script

While pretending to be celebrating the so-called Saaho the producers of Saaho are laying all the blame for the film's endless woes squarely on the young director Sujeeth.

The producers hold the director responsible for the film's indecipherable script and also for allegedly stealing the idea from a French film.

Apparently the producers had no idea about the smilarities between Saaho and the French film Largo Winch.

After being accused of stealing poster designs and the props and set design for a song, Saaho now stands accused of an even more serious aberration.

The plot of Saaho seems heavily influenced by the 2008 French action drama Largo Winch. The fact was first pointed out on twitter by perceptive audience members. Then it was the turn of the Largo Winch director Jerome Salle to make a sarcastic comment on Saaho’s lack of originality.

Salle tweeted, "It seems this second "freemake" of Largo Winch is as bad as the first one. So please Telugu directors, if you steal my work, at least do it properly?”

It may be recalled that prior to Saaho, another Telugu film Trivikram's Agnyathavaasi was also ripped off from the same French film.

It defies all logic why a second Telugu film would seek inspiration from the same French film when Agnyathavaasi had bombed so badly.

Apparently the producers of Saaho had no clue about writer-director Sujeeth’s source of inspiration.

Says a source, “Are the producers mad to do a film on a subject that had already flopped? Sujeeth (the writer, director) kept the producers in the dark about the source of his inspiration. It’s only now that they’ve come to know about Saaho’s smilarities with Agnyathavaasi and Largo Winch.”

Luckily for the Saaho producers Jerome Salle has not threatened to take legal action. At least not yet. Who knows about tomorrow?


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