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Report: Never Before Collections Of 'Bhola Shankar'

Report: Never Before Collections Of 'Bhola Shankar'

The film "Bhola Shankar" kept entire mega camp in distress due to its historic failure. Despite expectations, the movie garnered a mere Rs 18 lakh in share collections on Monday, putting the stardom of Chiranjeevi in shame. 

The disappointment of Bhola Shankar's run extends past the weekend, with weak earnings even on Independence Day. Its worldwide earnings in 5 days amount to 24 Crore (totaling 26.5 Crore with GST).

Initially valued at Rs 79 Crore, the film's theatrical rights indicate a potential loss of 52 Crore. The producer distributed the film across major regions like Nizam, East, Guntur, and Krishna, adopting a strategy similar to Saaho and Radhe Shyam. Despite optimistic forecasts, Bhola Shankar fell short, earning only 16.25 Crore on its debut day.

Despite featuring Chiranjeevi in the lead, the movie couldn't meet anticipated success, accumulating 23 Crore overall, with a minor subsequent increase to around 2 Crore. Even a potential Sunday recovery yielded just 5.1 Crore.

Reportedly, the film's worldwide earnings reached 33 Crore against an 80 Crore theatrical sale. Bhola Shankar appears to be en route to a box office mishap, putting down the spirits of Chiranjeevi's fans. 

In terms of collections in the USA, the film was only able to generate half a million dollars. Despite the US distributor investing Rs 6 Crore in it, they incurred a substantial loss of Rs 4 Crore, managing to recover only Rs 2 Crore.

Bhola Shankar is the Telugu action remake of the 2015 Tamil movie "Vedalam," featuring Chiranjeevi, Tamannaah Bhatia, Keerthy Suresh, and Sushanth and directed by Meher Ramesh.


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