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Ravi Teja Will Become Pan India Star With Khiladi

Ravi Teja Will Become Pan India Star With Khiladi

Ravi Teja’s stylish action entertainer Khiladi directed by Ramesh Varma and produced by Satyanarayana Koneru will be hitting the screens on 11th of this month. Interim, the team celebrated pre-release event today.

Both the heroines Meenakshi Chaudhary and Dimple Hayathi who attended the event expressed their happiness of working with a star like Ravi Teja.

Producer Koneru said they had decided on release date only 5 to 6 days back. “We thought of postponing the movie to 18th, as we doubted whether the pending works will be done on time. However, Ramesh completed all the works within the deadline. We wanted to invite Chiranjeevi or Balakrishna for the event. While Chiru was busy with shoot, Balakrishna was stuck in some other work. Due to last minute plans, we couldn’t invite big stars for the event.

Ravi Teja had only one complaint about me was that I didn’t attend the shoots. I promised him that, I’ll definitely spend more time for our next film together. It’s a very big film and the story is apt for a Pan India film. I watched the film and I’m very confident about it. Ravi Teja will become a Pan India star with Khiladi. You’ll see completely different Ravi Teja in the film. He looks at stylish best. Ramesh Varma has done wonderful job. I felt like watching a Rajamouli’s film. I feel proud to say that I’m the producer of the movie.”

Director Ramesh Varma said, “I should thank my producer for spending such high budget on the project. I should thank Ravi Teja for accepting to do the movie, just after 15 minutes of narration. DSP gave all the songs in just half an hour. He gave lots of inputs for the film. Both the heroines got equal importance.”

Director Bobby said, “When I went to meet Ravi Teja last month, he was with four different locations, four different directors and producers. He is giving chance to newcomers. Ravi Teja is like a university who’s giving chance to youngsters like me. It’s so good to see a mass hero like Ravi Teja giving such huge screen space for two heroines.”

Ravi Teja said, “I worked for the first time with Arjun and Anasuya. Arjun is an inspiration. Sujeeth shot first half superbly. GK Vishnu shot several sequences in second half. Wherever you feel, I looked good, it’s because of GK Vishnu. I don’t believe in horoscope and luck. I believe in efforts. I give small percent to horoscope because without luck factor, I wouldn’t have reached this stage. I want to increase horoscope and luck for Ramesh Varma. And there’s a name and care of address for it, it’s Koneru Satyanarayana. He gave wonderful actors and provided top-notch technicians. He even gifted a costly car much before the film’s release.

Khiladi has come out very well and we enjoyed shooting for it. Rockstar DSP gave wonderful music and he also involves very much in every film. I always watch my films as an audience. I enjoyed this movie. So, you too would like it. I request my producer Koneru to involve in every aspect of filmmaking.

Dimple has good rhythm in her body and she will become a good actress. I didn’t expect such energy from Meenakshi. I wish bright future for both the heroines. Srikanth Vissa is the main reason for me to accept the movie, while Koneru is the second reason. Satyanarayana garu is a very honest person. I should thank Ramesh for introducing Srikanth to me.”

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