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Ravi Teja Not to Make the Same Mistake Again!

Ravi Teja Not to Make the Same Mistake Again!

There seems to be intense competition for the Sankranthi festival, with several films announcing their release dates.

However, recent reports suggest that films like Ravi Teja's "Eagle" might withdraw from the Sankranthi competition.

There's a valid reason for this decision.

During the Dasara festival, Ravi Teja's latest film "Tiger Nageswara Rao" faced tough competition from two other films, resulting in lower collections, especially during its opening.

The film could have performed exceptionally well without such competition. Ravi Teja is keen on avoiding a similar situation this time.

If four films end up vying for the Sankranthi festival slot, he would prefer to reschedule "Eagle" for January 26th or February.

Additionally, Ravi Teja is in need of a significant blockbuster to further solidify his position in the market.


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