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Rave Party: Srikanth Denies, Hema Dupes

Rave Party: Srikanth Denies, Hema Dupes

Aside from actress Hema, another Telugu actor's name surfaced during the recent Bengaluru rave party that was raided by police.

Srikanth's photographs and news of his arrest at the party flooded social media and YouTube thumbnails.

Srikanth produced a video disputing reports about attending the Bengaluru Rave Party.

He denies that the media may have confused him with another individual because of some similarities.

"I am very much in Hyderabad and at my home," he stated.

"When I saw the videos, I was surprised to discover someone who had similar features to me. But he's a different person. I am in Hyderabad, as you can see from the video," he stated.

He also stated that he never attends pubs or rave events.

"Even if I had to attend birthday parties, I will stay for a few minutes to wish everyone and then depart the premises swiftly. I am not a party guy," he explained.

Senior journalist Rajendra of BRK News, who posted about Srikanth's presence at a rave party, realized his mistake and publicly apologized to the actor.

On the other hand, actress Hema posted a video on Monday morning claiming that she was not at the rave party and was 'chilling out' in another farm house.

But Bengaluru police have released a new photograph of Hema, proving that she was present at the rave party. She attempted to dupe people with this fake video.


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