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Ramya Creates Ruckus at Pavitra's Hotel Room

Ramya Creates Ruckus at Pavitra's Hotel Room

The fight between Pavitra Lokesh and actor Naresh’s third wife Ramya turned ugly. The latest reports from Karnataka say Ramya went to Pavitra’s hotel room in Mysore and created a ruckus.

Some media reports said Naresh’s third wife even tried beating Pavitra with her chappal but the onlookers took Ramya away and averted the fight. 

Ramya has been alleging that Pavitra and Naresh tied the knots. Ramya is the third wife of Naresh. While Naresh claimed that he sent a divorce notice to Ramya recently, Ramya says she’s still his wife.

In a video message, Pavitra Lokesh urged the Telugu media not to believe in Ramya’s claims. She clarified that she and Naresh are not wife and husband. 

Naresh said that Ramya is a fraud and cheater. Ramya, on the other hand, said he is a womanizer and has maintained an affair with Pavitra before marrying her secretly.


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