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Ramarao On Duty Trailer: The Hunt Begins

Ramarao On Duty Trailer: The Hunt Begins

The film Ramarao On Duty starring Ravi Teja will be high on action, intense and thrilling elements. The promotional material too hinted the same.

But there’s much more than what we have seen so far. Unveiling the actual content, the makers released theatrical trailer of the movie.

The trailer begins on an interesting note with the voice that talks about missing people from different villages. Seems like most of them get killed.

Ramarao who takes charge takes it seriously, since the missing people are hard-working daily labours.

When police department too neglects the case, Ramarao changes his route and begins his hunt.

Dons different avatars in his mission to catch the real culprit, he’s tricky and multi-talented man who can write with both the hands and cares nobody.

The trailer also shows emotions, romance, and other facets of the movie. Sarath Mandava made sure the movie will appeal to audience of all sections, including families.

Ravi Teja has delivered a flawless act as the government officer and he shows his versatility in different circumstances.

Cinematography and music complemented each other. It seems Sudhakar Cherukuri of SLV Cinemas mounted the movie grandly.

Divyansha Kaushik and Rajisha Vijayan also appeared in the trailer that’s shows a lip-lock sequence.

The trailer has further increased curiosity on the movie which is based on real incidents with story happens in 1995.

The film which is in last phase of post-production is slated for release on 29th of this month.


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