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Rajamouli-Mahesh Babu Film In RRR Model

Rajamouli-Mahesh Babu Film In RRR Model

The pre-production work for the film directed by Rajamouli, featuring Mahesh Babu, is progressing quietly.

It appears that director Rajamouli is adopting the same approach as he did for RRR in the making of this movie.

Completing a significant portion of the work at a single location, setting up multiple sets simultaneously to avoid time wastage, organizing a media meet before or after the commencement of the movie to disclose project details, and notably, casting a foreign actress are examples of adhering to this approach.

One or two names have already surfaced in this context, with an Indonesian actress being among them.

It seems that this film would incur a higher budget than Rajamouli's Baahubali series and RRR. Efforts are underway to explore ways to reduce this budget and tap into additional market avenues.

A separate team is dedicated to exploring new avenues. Drawing from the experiences of RRR shooting, it appears they are proceeding in a similar fashion.

Although a substantial portion of the shoot may take place locally, it is anticipated that many foreign locations will be required. However, they seem to be planning to complete the green mat work first.

Producer KL Narayana is returning to film production after a significant hiatus with this project.


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