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Radhakrishna quotes 'fake sources' to attack Jagan!

Radhakrishna quotes 'fake sources' to attack Jagan!

In journalism, there is a convenient option for journalists to write their own views and opinions as news reports by attributing them to 'sources', 'confidential sources', 'highly placed sources' etc.

Journos quote these 'sources' to write anything against anyone or attack against anyone. Journos keep their words in the mouths of 'sources' to justify their article or news report.

Now, Vemuri Radhakrishna, the owner of ABN-Andhra Jyothy group too resorted to this act.

In his weekly column "kotha paluku" published in ABN- Andhra Jyothy today, Radhakrishna quoted not only local sources, but went to the extent of quoting 'national sources' and 'international sources' to attack AP CM YS Jagan and YSRCP government in AP.

He tried to project himself as if he has sources everywhere on the earth and nothing will happen on this earth, without his knowledge.

Radhakrishna first started with 'local sources' to show how Jagan is functioning like a dictator and not listening even to his close aide Vijayasai Reddy.

"When Vijayasai Reddy tried to tell Jagan about some of the faulty decisions taken by Jagan, the CM fired at him saying that Vijayasai has been given the task to deal issues at Delhi-level and he himself will deal with local issues," says Radhakrishna quoting a 'local source'.

Quoting 'national source', Radhakrishna writes, "Few union ministers expressed deep concern over the functioning of Jagan as CM. They told, Jagan with his mindless decisions on Amaravathi, PPAs etc, is causing loss not only to AP, but to the entire country. Jagan is damaging the investment climate in the country as he is threatening investors with reviews and cancellations of various projects due to which investors are not keen to invest in India."

Radhakrishna's hatred towards Jagan and YSRCP government reached its peak when he quoted 'international sources'.

He writes, "During an international investors meeting in Beijing recently, Singapore government representatives expressed shock over Jagan's approach towards Amaravathi capital city. They said they don't mind if Amaravathi project goes away from their hands, but what they are worried abut is that the credibility of India is being affected due to Jagan. One more official of an international funding agency told that they have decided not to invest in AP during Jagan regime."

Poor Radhakrishna has written about all these above issues in his weekly columns earlier every week in his own words. But no one believed his claims.

In a desperate bid to make people believe in his words, he resorted to quoting fake local, national and international sources, without disclosing their names.

Are there any takers for Radhakrishna's 'fake sources' now?


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