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Puri's Next Film With Teja Sajja?

Puri's Next Film With Teja Sajja?

Every hero dreams to collaborate with certain directors, and Puri Jagannath's name undoubtedly features prominently among them.

Almost all Telugu heroes have had the opportunity to work with Puri.

Ram is teaming up with Puri for the second time in the upcoming film "Double iSmart," set to release this year.

But, what lies ahead for Puri after this project remains uncertain. These are times when directors are often lining up multiple projects simultaneously.

It appears that Puri has another project lined up after 'Double iSmart'.

Rumor has it that the talented and popular young hero Teju Sajja, who recently delivered a surprise blockbuster 'HanuMan', is slated to star in a film directed by Puri Jagannath. 

The story narration was done. Currently, the hero is committed to another film, but thereafter, this project may come on to the track. 

Consequently, discussions regarding Puri's next film are underway.

The announcement may come after the release of 'Double iSmart', based upon its success, which might be considered a prerequisite anyway.


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