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Puri And Charmee's Counter Reaction to Distributors!

Puri And Charmee's Counter Reaction to Distributors!

Distributors who have suffered significant losses as a result of "Liger" have been awaiting compensation from the producers.

While there had been reports that Charmee and Puri Jagannadh had begun paying distributors, this had not occurred.

As a result, distributors contacted Charmee and demanded compensation. However, she reportedly retaliated against some distributors for attempting to smear Puri Jagannadh's name.

She informed them that she and Puri would need to arrange for funds to be refunded. She informed them that it would take some more time. All reports that Puri Jagannadh is getting offers from top actors turned out to be a PR stunt.

On the other hand Puri Janagganth has given a different response which was tweeted by RGV as well. 

Puri addressed the distributors saying- "Are you trying to blackmail me? I need not payback to anyone.  But still giving only out of sympathy that you also have lost your money. I already spoke with the buyers. I said that I will pay the agreed amount in a month. In spite of this, if you do overaction, I don't feel like paying. I am giving to safeguard my dignity. But if you attack it, I cannot. We are all gambling here. Some will work and some won't. Right from Pokiri to iSmart Shankar, many buyers have to pay me. Will the Buyers' Association collect the money I need to get and pay me? If you still wish to agitate, go ahead. I will keep the list of the agitators and pay only to those who are not in the list".


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