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Public Talk: 'Devara'-Unknown Lyrics And Bad Music

Public Talk: 'Devara'-Unknown Lyrics And Bad Music

If there is any song in recent times that has completely drowned out the lyrics with excessive loudness, it is 'The Fear' from Devara.

Yes, the song might have caused more fear for lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry than anyone else. Not a single word in the song is audible.

Let us see what netizens are saying about it:

"It is not even a lyrical video to understand what Sastry has written. So far, this is the song with unknown lyrics and the worst music," mentioned a netizen.

"Instead of making it a lyrical video, the entire song is filled with the unnecessary heroism of music director Anirudh. The song is crap," wrote another.

Many on social media are commenting that Anirudh cannot capture the interest of Telugu audiences and needs to work a lot to understand the pulse of Telugu music lovers of this generation.

Another netizen mentioned, "Anirudh should learn from DSP. See how the Pushparaj song is rocking. This 'Fear' song is the worst."

"Koratala Shiva is bringing fear to fans with this kind of first single. Hope he comes up with something better next time," said a user on Facebook.

"All that I can hear with a lot of effort is '...dooke dhairyama jagratta- Devara mundara nuvventa...'. If what I heard is correct, then this can be called a below-average expression with no goosebumps moment," wrote another netizen.

"Is Anirudh the main hero of the film and NTR playing a sidekick? This is what I feel seeing the video," mentioned another.

Overall, the first single from "Devara" is a big letdown, and director Koratala Shiva should release something sensible very soon for damage control.


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