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Proof Of Trivikram's Over Involvement In 'Bro'

Proof Of Trivikram's Over Involvement In 'Bro'

The recently revealed two working stills from the film "Bro" shed light on an intriguing scenario.

Trivikram, originally enlisted as a screenplay and dialogue writer, seems to have assumed a dominant directorial role, overshadowing the actual director, Samuthirakhani.

This portrayal hints at Trivikram's intense involvement in the project.

However, inside sources suggest that he distanced himself from the film upon realizing the probable box office failure after watching the first copy.

Interestingly, had Trivikram been confident of the movie's triumph, it's speculated that he might have claimed full credit, bypassing Samuthirakhani altogether, according to these same sources.

This revelation sparks curiosity about the dynamics behind the scenes and the creative collaboration in the film industry.

Samuthirahani, once known for his strong individuality, is seen as if he were a puppet to Trivikram, succumbing to professional reasons, as per some insiders.


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