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Prithviraj's Rs 8 Lakh Per Month To Ex Wife

Prithviraj's Rs 8 Lakh Per Month To Ex Wife

Popular actor Prithviraj who is known as 30 Years Prithvi has been facing the court case with regard to the payment of alimony.

The court decreed that Prithviraj has to pay an alimony of Rs 8 lakh per month calculating from 2017 and also should continue to pay Rs 8 lakh further, before the 10th of every month. 

Prithiraj's ex wife Srilakshmi hails from Vijayawada and filed an alimony case in January 2017.

She mentioned that Prithvi deserted her and she has been living with parents who have spent a lot of money on Prithvi earlier.

She claimed that Prithvi is earning Rs 30 lakh per month and requested the court to make him pay alimony accordingly. Finally the court gave the judgement as mentioned above. 

We have to see if Prithvi appeals to the higher court or obliges the judgement.

Calculating at the rate of Rs 8 lakh per month from 2017 January to 2022 October it comes close to Rs 6 Cr including arrears. Of course he has to pay Rs 8 lakh per month to her for the years down the line.


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