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'Pressure Starts From Morning Itself': Vamsi Paidipally

'Pressure Starts From Morning Itself': Vamsi Paidipally

Lockdown must be hard for many people but not for everybody. It is a blessing in disguise for creative persons like writers, directors because they get enough time to work on the scripts and storylines.

Many of them are doing the same. Director Vamsi Paidipally is doing the same. Excerpts from his interview.

Spending The Lockdown Time:

Any director or a writer will try to write scripts, prepare storylines whenever they get free time. I'm doing the same now. Thanks to technology, I'm able to interact with my team members even though we are in different locations. Discussions are different when we sit in one place. It would be better. We don't have that facility now.

Kitchen Work: 

No. I stay with my parents and family. It is fun spending time with them. I went to the kitchen a couple of days ago on the occasion of my wife's birthday to prepare a cake. That's it. They have ordered me not to enter the kitchen again after they looked at the plight of the kitchen.

Good Script: 

I feel that emotion and drama are required for any script. I believe in drama more. I like the interpersonal relationships in any film. Mother-son or any other similar relations will always be good to portray. I also believe in emotions. All these elements change depending on the story.

Story First:

I came from a direction background so I choose the story first. This takes more time. That's the reason why there is a huge gap between my films. I don't start the script work unless I decide on the story that I wanted to tell. Once, I take the decision, I start working on the script.

Tough Time Now: 

We are in a tough time now. Audience exposure to the world has increased.  World cinema is in our drawing-room. These are not the days to wait for Chitra Lahari excitingly.  It is a huge challenge to bring the audience to the theaters. We have to send them satisfactorily in all aspects. It is a tough job.

Every Film Is Last Innings: 

A 50:50 success, failure was enough in the past to get going. They used to believe the director that he will do something. Now, every film is like the last innings. One has to deliver the best performance. If this film is successful, we'll get the next offer. We have to work on every film as a final battle. We cannot say how much pressure every director is going through this season. The pressure starts from the morning itself.  People think that they are in success. That's it.

OTT Or Theatre: 

It's difficult. Our audience require all types of experiences in a single film. It's a full platter of meals. The budgets for our films are different. To recover those budgets, it is necessary that people come to theaters. Cinema is in our culture. OTTs may not fill that gap. 

People Coming To Theatres: 

I can't answer when will people come to theatres. It is a new experience for the world. People will get courage once the vaccine comes into the market. This is a hard time for world cinema.  It takes some time to recover. I don't have enough experience to say how much time it takes for the recovery.

Getting close to the Superstar Mahesh Babu family:

I can't say a specific reason. We can't define how a relation forms, how one comes closer to the other. There are things like emotional ideology connection, emotional bonding, etc. Mahesh Babu's family is very close to me. 

Relation with Dil Raju:

Dil Raju garu is like an extended family to me. It doesn't happen if we try to create it intentionally. It should be natural.

Association with KTR:

KTR is a very good friend of mine, even before I entered the industry. I call him Annayya.  Devi Sri Prasad is also close to me from the time I worked as an assistant director to 'Varsham'.

Mahesh - Vamsi Paidipally combo again:

Yes. That will be there. I can't say more. I will reveal it once it is confirmed. I'm more interested than you.


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