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Pressure Cooker Teaser: Plight of Engineers

Pressure Cooker Teaser: Plight of Engineers

‘Pressure Cooker’ is a film based on the lives of engineering graduates who are forced by their parents to go to the USA and make a life in Dollars.

The teaser of the film is out and it is cut by director Tharun Bhascker who really liked the concept.

Right from the word go we can see how the protagonist is pressured by his father whose dream is being fulfilled by his son.

The latter events in the teaser are quite often seen in our real lives and lastly the teaser concludes with hero and his friends discussing about how to party in Florida.

Sushil and Sujoi are directing ‘Pressure Cooker’ while Sai Ronak and Preethi Asrani are playing the lead roles.

Director Tharun’s teaser edit is great here as he narrates in the entire plot in limited time.

‘Pressure Cooker’ is releasing this November.


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