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Prabhas Stays In Rented House @ Rs 60 Lakh

Prabhas Stays In Rented House @ Rs 60 Lakh

Hyderabad hardly gives freedom for film stars due to their celebrity status, restricting their ability to venture outside. They cannot dine at restaurants or engage in shopping; they essentially experience a near twenty-four-hour house arrest.

Even during shootings, they are confined to studios or sets. Consequently, they often seek opportunities to travel abroad, where they enjoy greater freedom and frequently invest in overseas properties. Mahesh purchased a house in Dubai some time ago.

It has come to light that Prabhas has recently acquired a residence in London, albeit through renting rather than ownership.

Reportedly, Prabhas has leased a property for a monthly rent of approximately Rs 60 lakh, utilizing it as a temporary residence during his free time. Currently, Prabhas is residing there.

In a few days, he will return to India to participate in the shooting of Project K and Raja Saab.

The production of Project K is anticipated to conclude three to four months before Raja Saab. Following this, Prabhas will commence work on Hanu Raghavapudi's film.

Alongside these projects, Prabhas has two more films in the pipeline: 'Spirit' and 'Salaar2'.


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