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Popular Hero Shares About His Insults

Popular Hero Shares About His Insults

Abhishek Bachchan, the Bollywood hero confessed his feelings of insult and also explained how he understood and taken that as a part of his profession.

He said that he was many times replaced with other heroes and suddenly the makers didn't lift the phones as well. 

He said, "I’ve been replaced in films. I’ve been replaced in films and not been told. And I’ve literally shown up at the shooting and somebody else is shooting there. And you had to just quietly turn around and walk away. I’ve been told I’ve been replaced in films. People don’t take your call. And that’s, that’s normal. Every actor has gone through it. I’ve seen my father go through it".

He also confessed that he understands that the makers have every right to go white their decision in the interest of business and other economic equations. 

Sharing the other experiences at the event the actor shared- "I’ve been in a situation where I’ve gone to a public function and you’re made to sit in the front row and you feel, ‘Wow! I didn’t think they’d put me in the front row. Okay, great!’ But then a bigger star shows up and they are like, ‘Okay, get up, move to the back’, and you go to the back. It’s all part of showbiz. You can’t take it personally".

The actor concluded that in such situation nothing is left for any actor than coming back homes and pledging to work more hard as an actor to retain the front row seat. 

After playing some great roles in the films like Guru and Big Bull, actor Abhishesk Bachchan is presently available with his ZEE5 film 'Bob Biswas' which was released this month.


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