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Opinion: Samantha Desperately Wants Naga Chaitanya

Opinion: Samantha Desperately Wants Naga Chaitanya

The divorce news of Samantha and Naga Chaitanya has been disturbing many in the industry and the general public. Ours is a society that wishes any married couple to have a long marital bond. 

Almost nobody wants them to get separated as they are the most famous young Tollywood couple. But since the real distance between the two is clearly evident by now, many are trying to figure out who wants to call it quits first. Though a divorce is possible only with mutual consent, who is more determined to seperate?

Yesterday's Aamir Khan's speech praising Naga Chaitanya conveys that he is pristine and beautiful at heart.Hearing between the lines of his speech we can understand that it will be a loss to someone to shun his company. Indirectly his words give an impression that Samantha is really missing a lot by divorcing Naga Chaitanya. 

But looking the other way round from Samantha's side, she is posting many symbolic pictures on her instagram status. She has been doing this for quite a long time.

Even the recent posts go with the lines- 

"Of course you will hurt me..of course I will hurt you...of course, we will hurt each other...but this is the very condition of existence"

"To become spring means accepting the risk of winter...to become presence means accepting the risk of absence"

"You lose the right to complain when you turn around and do the exact same...Remember that"

This conveys that Samantha wants the company of Naga Chaitanya but she is unable to retain it. She is publicly asking Naga Chaitanya to be with her. She is trying to cement up the broken wall of her relationship with him. 

Usha Chowdhary

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