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Opinion: It is insulting, it is exploiting viewers, Mr Nani

Opinion: It is insulting, it is exploiting viewers, Mr Nani

Tollywood hero Nani had made a strong comment against Andhra Pradesh government on its initiatives to checkmate the film industry’s exploitative means.

It was first Pawan Kalyan who reacted politically on the issue, while others, including Nandamuri Balakrishna, remained silent.

Nani made a strange comment on the government stating that grocery shops are doing better business than the movie theatres.

Well, Nani should know that if we don’t like a product purchased in the shop, we could as well return it and get our money back. Is it the same for the film?

Besides, these general arguments, there are a few things that Nani should answer before questioning the government.

There are theatres where additional chairs are provided and they are not taxed. Where will the money collected from the viewers go? Are the theatres paying taxes for these additional chairs supplied during the show and fill the hall?

While four shows are permitted, there are theatres which, sometimes, come up with two to three extra shows in the name of benefit shows. Will these theatres pay taxes for these extra shows?

Most of these theatres collect Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 per ticket for some benefit shows. Are they paying taxes for these additional amount collected from the viewers?

Every theatre has a vending shop inside selling snacks for the viewers and the prices are several times higher than the prices outside. Is any theatre paying additional taxes for these escalated price?

Is it all not looting the audiences or exploiting the audiences? Who is responsible for this sort of exploitation?

Nani, can you please answer these questions and justify your statement!?

Kiran Sharma


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