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Only Tollywood Director Demonstrating Maturity

Only Tollywood Director Demonstrating Maturity

It has become common for filmmakers to react emotionally to reviewers. Some creators can't handle critical reviews. There is no difference in this regard.

The big producers might shout in the face of the reviewer, while the small producers might lament that their films have been savaged.

In this era when mainstream movies are routinely critiqued, it's not surprising that political movies receive negative reviews within a certain spectrum.

This was the case with the movie Yatra-2. Since it's a film about CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, it's natural that some would dislike it.

However, the director, Mahi V Raghav, was unequivocal. He did not shy away from criticism. He openly welcomed feedback on his film. His words on the matter reflect his maturity.

"Some people liked the movie Yatra 2 that I made. Some people didn't. It's a political film about a politician. Differing opinions are natural. But as a storyteller, I shot the story and script that I believed in. Many people enjoyed my film. Some gave positive reviews. Others gave negative ones. As filmmakers, it's our duty to create," he said.

This is Mahi V Raghav's response to the reviews. As a filmmaker, he did his best. He stated that once the film is released, he no longer hangs on to it but mentally moves on from the project.

He also made another noteworthy statement. While many filmmakers watch their films with the audience on the first day and declare it a success, Raghav refuses to do so. He openly admits that it's too early to judge and that the true assessment will come on Monday.

How many filmmakers share this mindset? How many directors exhibit this level of maturity?

While some openly declare their films as flops, there are others who boast about their success, despite the true outcome still unknown.


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