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NTR's Brother-In-Law As Hero

NTR's Brother-In-Law As Hero

There is no dearth of youngsters who want to become heroes if they have the smallest connection with cinema industry.

There are several other youngsters who want to become heroes despite having no connection with film industry. 

In such a scenario, there is nothing wrong if the brother-in-law of a top star hero wants to become a hero. That may be the reason why Jr. NTR's brother-in-law is thinking of debuting in Tollywood.

He is the son of Narne Estates Narne Srinivasa Rao. Preparations have already begun to launch him as a hero.

There is no clarity on whether NTR knows about this development or not. If NTR thinks of launching the youngster, he can plan it in a grand way.  

If the young man wants to become a hero on his own interest, the situation will be quite different. The public is not much aware of his looks and other things.

It is not known whether he has hero material in him to make it big in the industry. But there are reports in the industry that the preparations have already begun to launch him.  

The influx of heroes may continue from the top families in the film industry. The connections will be useful for entry. They can sustain in the industry only if they prove their stamina. Otherwise, they will be confined to a few films.

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