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Not T-sentiment, KCR stoking 'Dharani sentiment'!

Not T-sentiment, KCR stoking 'Dharani sentiment'!

BRS supremo and Telangana Chief Minister is famous for stoking Telangana sentiment to win elections. In fact, no politician in Telangana has garnered maximum political benefit from the "Telangana sentiment" like KCR does.

Ever since KCR launched TRS in 2001 to achieve statehood for Telangana, until TRS came to power in Telangana for two successive terms, the "Telangana sentiment" has been the backbone of KCR's success.

However, with KCR himself removing "Telangana" from his party name and renaming TRS as BRS in October 2022, he seems to be exploring other issues to inflame sentiments and emotions among Telangana voters ahead of the upcoming Assembly polls, which are just six months away.

KCR seems to have chosen the "Dharani portal issue" to stoke fear among Telangana voters, stating that if BRS is defeated in the upcoming Assembly elections and if opposition parties Congress or BJP come to power in Telangana, they will dump the Dharani portal into the Bay of Bengal. KCR warns the Telangana people that their agricultural lands will be snatched away by opposition leaders if they come to power.

In the last three days, KCR has addressed two public meetings in Nirmal and Nagarkurnool. In both of these meetings, KCR's main agenda was to instill fear in the Telangana people regarding the Dharani issue.

KCR came to know that people and farmers in Telangana are vexed with the Dharani portal and are facing severe hardships due to errors in revenue land records that cannot be corrected in the portal. As a result, lakhs of people have been running around revenue offices for the past five years in vain.

KCR realized that the Dharani portal could ruin his party in the upcoming Assembly polls, and to save his party, he is stoking fear among Telangana voters that they will lose their valuable agricultural lands in Telangana to opposition parties if they are voted into power.

In every public meeting, KCR asks people to raise their hands if they want him to continue the Dharani portal. However, there is a poor response from the people. Despite repeated requests from KCR, only a few people are raising their hands in support of Dharani.


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