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No Buzz for Rajinikath's Lal Salaam

No Buzz for Rajinikath's Lal Salaam

Rajinikanth's film is set to release this weekend, marking his return to the big screen in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. Surprisingly, there is little to no buzz surrounding the film.

Despite playing an extended guest role in "Lal Salaam," with his sequences prominently featured in the trailer, the film hasn't garnered much discussion.

Directed by Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya, "Lal Salaam" is poised to debut alongside Ravi Teja's "Eagle." However, there has been minimal promotion for the Telugu version.

Even with the lack of buzz, Ravi Teja does not perceive it as competition.

Considering Rajinikanth's previous film "Jailer" enjoyed success in the Telugu states, one would expect his latest venture to generate significant attention.

Yet, for unknown reasons, there seems to be little hype surrounding it.

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