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No Alliance Of TDP-Janasena In 'Bhagavanth Kesari'

No Alliance Of TDP-Janasena In 'Bhagavanth Kesari'

Whenever movies starring Balayya or Chiranjeevi are released, fan clashes are common. 

Within business circles, it is rumored that the simultaneous release of their two film "VeeraSimha Reddy" and "Waltair Veerayya" during Sankranthi led to intense competition between their respective fan bases, resulting in significant box office collections for both movies.

Speculation suggests that the outcome might have been different had the films been released separately. 

Later, the release of the film "Bhola Shankar" triggered a substantial amount of trolling from Balayya fans.

Presently, the upcoming releases of Balayya's 'Bhagavanth Kesari' and the Vijay-Lokesh Kanakaraj dubbed film 'Leo' are scheduled for the same day. 

Rumors within the industry indicate that supporters of the mega star are rallying behind Leo, attempting to ensure a strong opening for the movie, just to pose some competition to "Bhagavanth Kesari". 

Interestingly, the dynamic between mega fans and Balayya fans seems to suggest an alignment, considering the political alliance between TDP and Janasena. However, this 'alliance' appears to be not seen in the realm of cinema.

Considering this situation, one can anticipate a social media frenzy surrounding the simultaneous release of these two films on the 19th. 

If the outcome of Bhagavanth Kesari goes negative, a big potential backlash from mega fans cannot be avoided.


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