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Nannu Involve Cheyakandi: Manchu Vishnu

Nannu Involve Cheyakandi: Manchu Vishnu

“Nannu involve Cheyyakandi Murthy Gaaru” is the famous dialogue in Sreenu Vaitla directed “Dhee”.

Released in 2007, “Dhee” starring Manchu Vishnu and Genelia Dsouza was a runaway hit. Sreenu Vaitla whose career is now in shambles is hoping to bounce back with a sequel to this hit comedy. 

Is the film happening? 

Reacting to the speculations on social media about “Dhee 2”, Manchu Vishnu asked people not to involve him in this and requested to ask Sreenu Vaitla about any update about the project. His tweet didn’t confirm or deny the project.

“Chalamandi naku phone chese Dhee 2, @SreenuVaitla garu directionlo start avuthundhi ani congrats chepparu. Naaku anna lanti @SreenuVaitla garu ni, aadhigithe better. Project details varaku, #NanuInvolveCheyakandi,” he tweeted.

Sreenu Vaitla is desperate to initiate this project as no star is showing interest to work with him after seeing the spate of flops like “Aagadu”, “Bruce Lee”, “Mister” and “Amar Akbar Anthony”.

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