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Nani is Rearranging His Projects!

Nani is Rearranging His Projects!

Recently, Nani has agreed to work with several directors and announced a few projects.

He confirmed an action entertainer with director Sujeeth, a rural Telangana film with director Venu Yeldandi, and a new film with Dasara director Srikanth Odela.

However, the latest rumors suggest that Nani is uncertain about the launch of these three films.

It is reported that he has already dropped Venu Yeldandi’s movie and decided to put Sujeeth's film on hold. Therefore, he currently has only Srikanth Odela's project in the pipeline.

According to reports, Nani is also in discussions with other directors to establish new projects.

It appears he is somewhat confused about the various stories he has heard from these directors.

He desires a large-scale film helmed by a renowned director, but unfortunately, that isn’t materializing. So, he is looking for variety and clarity from mid-range directors.

He is currently filming for Saripodhaa Sanivaaram.


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