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'My mother made coffee is a 'BLOCKBUSTER' one'

'My mother made coffee is a 'BLOCKBUSTER' one'

Among the Tollywood heroes Superstar Mahesh Babu has huge social media following.

Now Mahesh is super happy enjoying the success of ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru.’ On that note, Mahesh answered to his Twitter fans who have shot questions at him.

One among the many questions was an enthusiast asked when is Mahesh going to do a pan India film and he replied that such genre films cannot be planned.

Then Mahesh revealed the biggest sentiment he follows and it is he will reach to his mother’s place and have a coffee made by her before the release of any film of his.

One more fans asked Mahesh to do a mass film at least once in two years and to this he said that such combinations should work out.

“Especially for the ‘Mind Block’ song, I never expected such feedback in my twenty years,” said Mahesh.

To a few more questions, Mahesh replied that he just stepped out of his comfort zone and did ‘Sarileru..’ and in future films like ‘Pokiri’ with high energy may come his way.

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