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Manchu Vishnu: Put Me A Test In Character, Not Telugu

Manchu Vishnu: Put Me A Test In Character, Not Telugu

Manchu Vishnu responded to the comments made by Nagababu. He released  a video to the media exclusively to give a reply to Nagababu's comments against him. 

It is known that Vishnu was trolled after the TV9 interview where he fumbled some words while criticising Prakash Raj about his knowledge in Telugu language.

Following this Nagababu said that if a test is conducted in Telugu, Prakash Raj would score full marks and Vishnu would score only 10 marks.

To this Vishnu asked Nagababu to put a test in character but not in Telugu as knowledge without character is useless.

"The President of MAA needs character but not mere knowledge in Telugu", he added.

"You can ask the colleagues of Prakash Raj about his character. Not only in Telugu but in every language. They will say about him", Vishnu responded.

Vishnu also asked Nagababu how he can criticise him in such a manner in spite of knowing him since childhood.

"I am like your son Varun Tej. You should bless me. But shouldn't talk about me like this", Vishnu concluded.


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