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Major Sandeep's Character Is Like Sunshine For Me

Major Sandeep's Character Is Like Sunshine For Me

Adivi Sesh’s patriotic film Major directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka is getting ready for release on June 3rd.

Pretty confident about the outcome, the film’s early premiere shows are held in different cities of the country and Sesh is going places to promote the movie.

“It’s quite common that people appreciate you, when you make a good movie. But people are congratulating us, after the special shows.”

Sesh informs he thought of making a film on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan when he was doing Kshanam, wherein he started working on the script during the shoot of Goodhachari.

The actor says Major is not a regular biopic and it is also different from the previous movies which were made on the tragic 26/11 incident.

“When we announced the movie, many stated why making another movie on 26/11. But everyone got surprised, after watching the film’s trailer. They were amazed to know many unknown things about Major.”

Although few Bollywood makers wanted to make Sandeep’s biopic, his parents were reluctant, since they felt the heroes proposed by the makers didn’t look like his son. They felt happy when they saw me. I call Sandeep’s mother ‘Amma’.

Saiee Manjrekar and Sobhita Dhulipala are the heroines in the movie.

“There is an opinion that heroines are cast only when there are songs in a movie. However, in Sandeep’s life, there is one in present and another in the past. Many girls had crush on him. While school, career and marriage were one part of his life, Kashmir and Kargil are other part.”

Mahesh Babu who is co-producing the movie spoke highly about Major, after watching it in a special screening.

“We could make the film bravely because of Mahesh Babu. We are holding previews across different cities, because of his encouragement. We can’t forget the support of Namrata garu during the making.”

Sesh says director Sashi Kiran Tikka brought international look to the movie with his making.

“Although he’s not very experienced, he’s got talent.”

He calls Major Sandeep an all-India man.

“Major is not a Pan India film, but all India movie. He went to different parts of the country including Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kashmir. So, we wanted the movie to reach all the areas.”

Sesh calls Major as Suryaputrudu (son of Sun).

“The character Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan is like sunshine for me. One of the victims stated when Sandeep entered the Taj Hotel, he appeared like Suryaputrudu. Many opine military persons are very serious in nature. But Sandeep is very jovial person.”

The actor has mainly been doing thrillers. However, he says there is love story in his every movie.

“There is a love story in Major and my next movie Goodhachari 2 will have one.”

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