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Mahesh Babu Will Become a Global Star

Mahesh Babu Will Become a Global Star

Suhas starrer Writer Padmabhushan directed by Shanmukha Prashanth is due for release on February 3rd. This is the second movie for the producers Sharath Chandra Anurag Reddy, after Major.

Besides producing movies, they also do online promotions of films of popular production houses. The duo says they spend lots of time on ideas to promote movies.

“We spend lots of time discussing various ideas. That is the most enjoyable time for us. We discuss with each other on promotional strategies.”

Sharath and Anurag say most directors and producers narrate stories so that they can plan the promotional campaigns as per the schedules.

“Producers believe us so much so that they even narrate the stories. We sometimes give our suggestions in regard to the story.”

Writer Padmabhushan is a profitable venture with the non-theatrical rights alone recovered the investment. “More than revenues, we will be happier if the movie gets more love from the audience.”

The producers affirm they can’t reveal the core point. “It is a movie that can be enjoyed with entire family members of all age groups. Enjoyment is a layer, but you celebrate a beautiful bond. Everyone will relate to one or the other character. It gives a great experience for the family audience.

There will be complete fun in the first one and a half hours. The last 30 minutes will make everyone emotional.”

They collaborated with Mahesh Babu to produce Adivi Sesh’s Major. “We are willing to associate with Mahesh Babu sir again. But for that, we need a great script that meets the high expectations.

We have been traveling with Mahesh Babu sir for the last 8 to 9 years. Namrata madam came up with a proposal to collaborate with us for films to be made with other stars. That’s how Major happened.”

They predict Mahesh Babu will become a global star after his film with SS Rajamouli. “After 4 to 5 years, Mahesh Babu will be a Hollywood actor, after his movie with Rajamouli sir. He should do global Telugu and international films.”


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