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Length Is A Problem, Only When Audience Feel Bored

Length Is A Problem, Only When Audience Feel Bored

Nani has been hectic busy promoting his film Ante Sundaraniki across South India, as the movie directed by Vivek Athreya will be releasing in three languages.

The actor in his exclusive interview with us reveals the story will connect to everyone and language is not a barrier.

“We’ve seen enough of action movies and this movie will offer you entertainment and relaxation. It’s a light-hearted movie that will enthuse all sections.”

Nani informs Ante Sundaraniki is not a dialogue based comedy entertainer.

“The movie will have situational comedy. Though there are no big dialogues, you just laugh for the situations.”

He also affirms their intention is not to cash in the popularity of Nazriya Nazim in Tamil and Malayalam.

“Usually, movies of situational comedy connect to larger audience and the presence of Nazriya is an added advantage.”

Nani condemns the reports of similarities of this story with Seethakoka Chiluka and Maro Charitra.

“We don’t give preaches in the movie and the narration is not as intense as those classics. Nobody earlier dealt such subject in a light-hearted manner.”

The film’s total duration was locked for 2:56 hours. Nani says the length is a problem only when the audience feel bored.

“We may get bored, even for the one and half hour length movie. At the same time, if the story is narrated engagingly, 3 hours length is also not a big problem.”

Nani reacted once again on his comments on ticket prices during Shyam Singha Roy.

“My comments were misread. My intention was not to degrade anybody. Movies like RRR and KGF 2 needs high ticket prices. Normal ticket rates are enough for my movies. It’s wrong to ask for hike in ticket rates for regular movies.”

He also reacted on social media trolls.

“There is a batch which creates negativity on our comments. Unfortunately, this is a bad practice. We’re in a generation where we can’t avoid negative trend. If we take it seriously, our peace will disturb.”

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