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Krithi Shetty Offered Three More Films

Krithi Shetty Offered Three More Films

“Sign her up now. Or you will have to pay more later. I am telling you, she is going to be a rage,” megastar Chiranjeevi asked the Telugu producers to sign Krithi Shetty for their movies.

Impressed by her performance in the upcoming “Uppena” her charming beauty, Chiranjeevi predicted that she would turn busy after the release of her debut movie.

Producers are now queuing up to sign her. She has already signed a film each with Nani (“Shyam Singha Roy”) and Sudheer Babu (director Indraganti’s film).

“I have a couple of other exciting projects in the pipeline. But I will sign them after the release of Uppena,” said Krithi Shetty in her first media interaction.

As reported earlier, she is already demanding Rs 50 lakhs even before her first film hit the screens.

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