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Kona Venkat is Still Hopeful on Adhurs 2

Kona Venkat is Still Hopeful on Adhurs 2

For its comedic elements, "Adhurs" stands out as one of NTR's most beloved films, capturing the hearts of not only NTR fans but also Telugu movie enthusiasts in general.

The characters portrayed by NTR and Brahmanandam added immensely to the film's charm and entertainment value.

Director VV Vinayak had been contemplating ideas for a sequel to "Adhurs" for many years.

However, plans for "Adhurs 2" were eventually put on hold as Vinayak's creative momentum waned and NTR ventured into other projects.

Nevertheless, writer Kona Venkat remains optimistic about the possibility of "Adhurs 2" coming to fruition.

"I will implore NTR to consider doing 'Adhurs 2.' I still hold hope that it will materialize. In my opinion, no actor in India can portray Chaari better than NTR," he expressed.

Despite Venkat's enthusiasm, it seems unlikely that NTR would commit to such a comedic project, especially considering his current prominence following the global success of "RRR".


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