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'KGF 2' Beats 'RRR' In Domestic Collection

'KGF 2' Beats 'RRR' In Domestic Collection

The success saga of 'KGF 2' is continuing and now it has surpassed the domestic collection of 'RRR'. 

While RRR could make 904 Cr within India in its full run, 'KGF-2' surpassed it and ran beyond Rs 930 Cr.

Coming to the worldwide gross, RRR made a collection of Rs 1127 Cr and KGF-2 is just Rs 20 Cr behind by making Rs 1107 C. So, considering the speed, it may surpass RRR in a day or two. 

It should be underlined that not many family audiences have watched KGF 2 so far. The major chunk of patronage is only for the youngsters. But RRR was watched by many family audiences owing to the respect and craze for Rajamouli.

On the other hand RRR did the best in Telugu states but didn't run as expected in rest of the languages including Hindi.

But KGF-2 ruled in every language and made the biggest fortune with its Hindi version. The collections are still going on and we have to see where the film stops its full run.


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