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Kannada Producers Angry On Telugu Producers

Kannada Producers Angry On Telugu Producers

Producers in Kannada film industry seem to be venting out their anger on Telugu producers.

It is known that the producers from Mythri Movies who are about to make a film in the direction of KGF fame Prashanth Neel have given full page ads in Karnataka and quarter page ads in National dailies for his birthday a couple of days ago. 

On this issue some Karnataka producers have called the Telugu film industry bigwigs and lamented, "Please leave our industry like this. Don't pamper the heroes and directors with such full page ads. It is a very expensive affair and every director will expect such treatment even from us". 

As per the rule in Telugu Producers' Guild that is running in Dil Raju's leadership, no banner should give full page ads to the heroes and directors as it becomes a financial burden eventually with comparisons.

But some producers in the same guild keep on violating the rule as per their convenience. They have even gone to the extent of pampering a Kannada director who is not even known to Telugu audience much.


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