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Kangana refuses to work with 'Animal' director

Kangana refuses to work with 'Animal' director

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is gearing up for her upcoming directorial 'Emergency', has reacted to director Sandeep Reddy Vanga's statement about working with her. While she accepted the compliments given to her by the 'Animal' director, she quietly refused to work with him.

Recently, Sandeep expressed his wish to work with the 'Queen' actress as he said he is open to work with her, in an interview.

Kangana had criticised Sandeep's film 'Animal', which stars Ranbir Kapoor in the titular role, talking about which the filmmaker said he doesn't mind her remark.

Reacting to the director's statement, Kangana took to X and penned a note.

She wrote, "Review and criticism are not the same, every kind of art should be reviewed and discussed, it is a normal thing. The way Sandeep ji showed respect towards me by smiling at my review, it can be said that he not only makes manly films, his attitude is also manly, thank you sir."

She further mentioned, "But please don't ever give me any role otherwise your alpha male heroes will become feminist and then your films will also be beaten, you make blockbusters, the film industry needs you."

Kangana had previously criticised 'Animal' in a post on X.

Reposting a fan's tweet, she had said, "Paid negativity for my films is overwhelming, I have been fighting hard so far but even audiences are encouraging women beating films where they are treated like sex objects and asked to lick shoes. This is deeply discouraging for someone who has been dedicating her life to women empowerment films, might shift careers in coming years, and want to give the best years of my life to something worthwhile."


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