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Kalyan Ram On TDP Dilemma And Family Ties

Kalyan Ram On TDP Dilemma And Family Ties

Elections are approaching in three months in Andhra Pradesh, and various individuals are aligning themselves with contesting parties.

Greatandhra posed a question to Hero Kalyan Ram, inquiring about his preferred side in the contest.

Given that he is the grandson of the founder of TDP and the brother of Jr. NTR, who previously campaigned for the Telugu Desam Party, Kalyan Ram's potential stance carries significant weight.

In response, Kalyan Ram provided a peculiar answer.

"This decision is not mine alone; the entire family must deliberate on it. I will inform you when the family reaches a collective decision," was Kalyan Ram's response.

Upon further questioning about who constitutes the family—whether it includes only him and NTR or others—Kalyan Ram remarked, "Yes, it's just the two of us now. We both will make the decision."

However, he did not explicitly state that he or his brother is affiliated with the TDP, which was founded by their grandfather.

His mention of deciding after contemplating only with his brother suggests that there might be some considerations in his mind, though he did not disclose them.

One thing is clear from his words – they are not aligned with the TDP anymore and are also not in sync with any of the Nandamuri family members.


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