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Jailer: 'Free' Publicity for Telugu Producers

Jailer: 'Free' Publicity for Telugu Producers

Rajinikanth's previous films have faced setbacks in the Telugu states, with his recent releases failing to surpass the Rs 10 crore mark in collections.

Consequently, there was limited demand for the Telugu rights of "Jailer," leading to its acquisition at a considerably reduced price.

However, the tide turned with the release of the "Jailer" trailer and Tamannaah's song, generating significant buzz surrounding the film.

Interestingly, the Telugu director refrained from any active publicity or promotional efforts.

The attention garnered by the film can be attributed to the promotions conducted in Chennai, indirectly benefiting the Telugu producer, who reaps rewards without undertaking any dedicated promotional activities.

Anticipation is building as "Jailer" prepares for its grand entry into the Telugu states on Thursday (August 10).


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