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I've 2 Projects In Pipeline, Other Than Akhanda 2

I've 2 Projects In Pipeline, Other Than Akhanda 2

Director Boyapati Sreenu, after the blockbuster success of Akhnada, came up with another commercial entertainer Skanda with Ram playing the lead.

The director in his exclusive interview with disclosed some interesting things about Skanda and his future projects.

Boyapati says that Skanda is an apt title for the movie and he gives his clarity on it.

“Skanda aka Kumaraswamy is a commander-in-chief who is like a protector to his father Lord Shiva. Likewise, in Skanda, the protagonist goes to any extent for his father. So, in that way, Skanda is an apt title for the movie.”

The movie saw Ram in dual roles. However, some felt that if the second character was done by another hero, the movie would have got more mileage.

Defending his decision, Boyapati affirms, “I’ve already given hints about the character in the previous episodes. Moreover, if another hero does the character, he will get more credit than Ram, which I feel is not correct. The due credit should go to Ram who has given everything for the movie. That’s why I wanted Ram to do the second character as well.”

The Sadar fight received a superb response, particularly from the masses.

“Every movie of mine will have action and emotion. However, I try to present them in a fresh way. Coming to Skanda, scenes like the Sadar fight brought that freshness. The bull in the sequence weighs 2500 Kg and we brought it from Haryana.”

Boyapati was supposed to make Akhanda as Balakrishna’s 100th movie, but it didn’t happen.

The director affirms, “We planned to make it Balayya’s 100th movie. But due to time constraints, the movie got delayed. We will do Akhanda 2, after we are done with other commitments. I’ve 2 more projects in the pipeline, other than Akhanda.”

The director says he has great respect for Allu Arjun.

“Bunny was supposed to do Bhadra, but he couldn’t do it. But he was the reason for me to get the opportunity to make the movie on Dil Raju’s banner. I’m happy that I gave first 100 Cr movie to him with Sarrainodu. Bunny is always my first priority.”

Boyapati also expressed his wish to work with other stars like Mahesh Babu and NTR.

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